It’s hard to survive in this cruel world.
You have to fight for what’s yours, what you need.
You got to do whatever in order to survive.
But they meet, a coincidence actually.
On a run, wanted people. Living the life that is not accepted.
Crime. Fun. Pain. Anger. Friendship, maybe love.
The thin line between love and hate.

▷ Crazy:The Sequel.: THIS STORY IS NOT OVER!


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▷ Chapter 44 - Undercover Fanfic


I scratched my head as I tried to think about the next line to use for this song I was writing. “Am I crazy? Am I foolish?” I sung. I been stuck on this line for who knows how long. That was the only thing that I had down. I let out a small sigh as I just looked at the words written on the page. “Just a little too into ya, that’s for sure.” I sung making up something. It sounded good so I wrote it.

I just replayed the beat in my head that I had came up for this song. “But your beauty, lies to me, makes me forget about your faults. You do no wrong…” I sung closing my eyes. All I had to do is think about her and the words flowed out my mouth. I opened my eyes and wrote the next line down. “I feel like such a fool..” I said grabbing the paper and crumbling it up. I crumbled up the paper slowly but then an idea came to mind and I took the paper out the crushed paper ball. I tried to smooth it out with my hands.

“They say everybody plays the fool, sometimes…” I sung as I wrote down the lyrics. “And if I got to, I don’t mind. I’ll be the best damn fool for youuu, no lieee.” I sung loudly as I continued to write the lyrics that just came to mind. “You got me stuck on you, stuck on you baby…” I sung. The lyrics stopped coming to me and I got stuck once again. I let out a sigh and threw my pen down on the paper. I rubbed my hand down my face. “I’m so in love, I’m stupid.” I mumbled lowly to myself and then looked up.

Tyga was standing in the doorway of my room. He was just leaning against the frame looking at me. I kind of froze not expecting him to be there. He was just looking at me so I rubbed my hand down my face. I crumbled the paper back up and tried to toss it into the trashcan next to the door but he caught it. He opened the paper back up and started to read it. I let out a low sigh.

“It’s really nothing, just throw it away when you’re done.” I said as I sat up. He shook his head and gave it back to me.

“This for her?” He asked me.

I kind of froze not knowing what to say. I shrugged and stuffed my hands in my pocket. “It’s nothing bro, really.” I lied. He chuckled and looked back at that song.

“I know you’re in love with my sister, you ain’t gotta lie. You just said it.” He said bluntly. I licked my lips and looked down at my lap. I looked up at him and he was still looking at me. “I see it in your eyes cuhz, the way you look at my sister.” I let out a small sigh and then he continued. “I knew from the jump it was gonna turn out this way.” Tyga said looking down at his feet and then looking to his side.

"Look Ty—" I started before he cut me off.

"Just treat my sister right blood. That’s all I’m asking off you, please." Ty said looking at me with begging eyes even though his voice didn’t match it. His eyes were serious but I could see that he was worried for his sister. He only wanted the best for her and she was everything to him. That was his life. I stood up and walked over to him. I pulled my hands out my pockets and reached my arm out.

"I don’t want to hurt her, she means too much to me." I said truthfully. He looked at me and then at my hand. Hesitantly he dapped me up and we pulled in. We pulled back and I rubbed my hand down my face. He let out a small sigh and continued to look at me. "I didn’t think we was going to end up like this, I thought it was going to be a quick fling but in all reality dawg…" I started. "Your sister changed my life, I see shit from a different light because of her." I finished off. He knew how I felt and I couldn’t hold it back any longer.

He nodded his head slightly and chuckled. “She’s something else.” Was all he responded with. I chuckled and bit my bottom lip as I nodded in agreement. “You changed her too. You don’t understand how she was before you came into her life. I was scared my sister wasn’t going to make it to 21 but there just something that clicked inside of her.” He let me know. “Let her know, I know she feels the same.”

"She tell you?" I asked him. He chuckled and rubbed underneath his bottom lip.

"She ain’t have to tell me homie. I know my blood." He reassured me. I nodded. All I had to do now was let her know how I feel about her. Telling her couldn’t hurt. I was just nervous because we hadn’t know each other for about a couple of months. This was all happening so soon. I already had planned to take her out and treat her to something. I wanted to take her out on a date. I haven’t even done that. "I’m trusting you nigga." Ty said breaking me out of my thoughts. You could feel the seriousness in his voice.  

"I love her, nigga. Trust me." I said sincerely. He gave me a straight face for a couple minutes until we both busted out laughing. He pushed me and we played fought for a while until I heard her voice.

"What are you knuckleheads doing?" She said peeping her head inside of the doorway. She started grinning as we stopped and started to face her. She walked into the room and walked over to Ty as he put his arm around her shoulder and brought her close to him. She looked up at me and smiled.

"We was just talking ‘bout yo’ ugly ass." Ty said looking down at her. She kept her focus on me as I smiled and looked down to the floor. She chuckled when she saw my reaction and looked at me with questioning eyes.

"Is that so?" She asked us but was mainly talking to me. I bit my bottom lip as I tried to hide my smile. "Well dinner is ready and I have people I would ‘love’ for you to meet." She said being sarcastic on the last part. She rolled her eyes playfully and then smiled at me lightly. My eyes glistened at her beauty. It was like each and every time I looked at her, my heart melted. She took my breathe away. Shit felt weird but then again I wasn’t used to the feeling of love.

"So ya folks really want to meet a nigga." I said letting out a sign at the end. Giovonni literally told me last minute that her parents were in town and they wanted to meet me. She frowned a little and then wrapped her arms around my torso as she looked up at me. Tyga chuckled and let out a deep breathe. Both of our attention went back to him and was looking at both of us. "What?" I asked him.

"I just want to see how this is going to turn out." He replied. I swallowed hard and started to become slightly nervous even though I made sure I didn’t show it. "Don’t let them intimidate you, stand your ground and just stay true to who you are." Tyga said. "They’re gonna judge you but as long as you know where you stand with my sister, then you’re good dawg. You ain’t gotta impress no one but me." Tyga finished with a chuckle. Giovonni rubbed my back and looked up at me. I looked down at her, leaned down and kissed her.

"Like he said babe, you ain’t gotta impress no body. You already impressed me and that’s all that matters." She said genuinely. "I’m ready when you are." She said holding her hand out for mines. I looked down into those beautiful grey eyes of her and grabbed her hand. I pecked her on the lips and followed out behind her. Tyga was right behind us so I figured he was joining us as well.

I tried so hard not to thinking about making a good impression on them but honestly I wanted to. I wanted to show them that I was the right person for their daughter and that I really didn’t want to hurt her. I wanted to show them that I was the one for her and that we were going to make it through whatever. I wanted to show them that I was better for her that other nigga and I was going to be more than he ever was to her. I wanted to show them that I loved her.

I felt myself sweating a little bit. I felt Giovonni wipe the sweat off of my nose as we reached the bottom of the stairs. Tyga jogged around us into the living room. “Relax.” She whispered to me. I bit my bottom lip and looked away. She grabbed my chin lightly and made me look at her. “I know you’re down for me and that’s all that matters.” She said seriously. I looked down but she made me look back up at her. “Right?” She questioned me. I hesitated but then nodded my head yes. I really should have smoked a blunt before this.

"Giovonni, darling." I heard a woman’s voice call out. I looked up and a lady was looking at the both of us with a man behind her. Tyga was standing right next to them. They all looked the same. Giovonni looked just like their mother and Ty looked like their father. Both their eyes were focused on me. Her mother was looking me up and down. I could tell she was observing me. She was looking at everything from the way I dress, my tattoos, everything. I knew she was judging me from the bat.

"Ma and pops, this is Chris, Chris this is my parents." Giovonni said introducing us. She held my hand proudly. She made it clear that she was happy with me and wasn’t going to hide me from them. It made me feel a little better. I cleared my throat and extended my hand.

"Nice to meet you, Mrs and Mr. Stevenson." I said them. Her mother shook my hand so lightly and her face said everything. I had a vibe that she didn’t want nothing to do with me. I then extended my hand out to her father. He smiled at me and shook my hand strongly.

"Nice to finally meet you son, I heard so much about you." He said. I looked down at Giovonni and she smiled up at me. "All good things of course. Shall we start dinner?" He said looking at all of us. I nodded my head and grabbed Giovonni’s hand as we walked into the dining room. The table was all set up and the food was steaming on the table. I pulled a chair out and Giovonni sat down in it. I sat down next to her, their father sat on her other side. Their mom sat next to the dad across from Giovonni and Tyga sat across from me next to their mom.

"The food looks delicious, Ma." Ty said rubbing his hands together. She chuckled and then started fixing his plate. Giovonni pushed her hair behind her hair and looked away. She didn’t talk about her parents much but I knew they didn’t have the best relationship, especially with her mom.

"Feel free to help yourself." Mr. Stevenson said as he started to serve himself. We all grabbed some food and begin to eat. We started to eat in silence. I tried my best to eat but I didn’t have the appetite. I wasn’t sure if it was because I felt uncomfortable or because I was stressing over the fact that I could already feel her mother judging me. I tried my best to eat the food but I could feel her mother burning holes into my face. I looked over at Ty who was stuffing his face. He looked up at me and gave me the look to just chill. I licked my bottom lip and stuffed some rice into my mouth.

"Honey, why didn’t you invite Asia?" Mrs. Stevenson questioned as she looked at Tyga with a questioning face. He swallowed hard and dropped his fork on his plate. He looked down and then sniffed hard before he responded.

"She’s busy." He mumbled. Giovonni looked to the side quickly before she looked back at Tyga.

"She’ll join us next time." Giovonni spoke up quickly. Ty and I looked at her like she was crazy. I could see the anger in Ty’s eyes but he was holding it back. He was probably pissed that she would make a promise like that knowing everything that was going. I was pretty sure that they didn’t know about the baby he had on the way or Asia and him breaking up. I don’t think he wanted to tell them that anyways. Giovonni always had a reason for everything anyways.

"Well that would be great, she is a very beautiful girl. I don’t know why you didn’t bring her around much." Mrs. Stevenson said. I could see that Ty was feeling uncomfortable. "But enough about that, Christopher tell me about yourself. What do you do for a living?" She asked directing her attention towards me. My throat started to close up and I could feel everyone in the room looking at me. I was stuck and I wasn’t sure how to explain to her that I owned a strip club with her son.

"Breezy… Chris and I opened up that dance club I told you about." Tyga said stepping in quickly. Mrs and Mr. Stevenson looked at him then back at me. Mrs. Stevenson looked at me suspiciously. I knew she wasn’t buying it but of course because Tyga said it, she was going to let it slide for now. "We co-own it together and stuff." He continued.

"And why did you guys decided to open up a dance club?" Mr. Stevenson asked.

"Thought it would be good business." I said answering truthfully. The attention in the room was now back on me. "The business in the club runs pretty smoothly. Tyga and I know the essentials of how to keep the business together as well as other people that help us run it." I answered. Her father nodded in agreement.

"Well I hope all works out for you boys." He said ending the subject.

"But tell me more about yourself Christopher, where do you come from? Your family? Your history…." Mrs. Stevenson said interjecting as she took a sip of her wine. She was looking at me with a skeptical face. I knew she was suspicious of me and thought I was a thug who ran the streets. I mean she wouldn’t be completely wrong. I wasn’t this bad guy that I knew she was assuming I was.

"I come from Virginia. That’s where my accent is originated from. The only family I have is my mother and my sister. I’m 21 years old." I said throwing this out there about myself.

"And what makes you right for my daughter?" She said quickly once I finished. She was just looking straight at me with hard eyes. Giovonni grabbed my hand from underneath the table and held my hand in her lap. "What makes you so special for her?" She asked me again. I bit my bottom lip and we stared at each other.

"Because she knows I’m real. She knows the real me and she knows that I’ll be there until the end." I said simply. I looked at Giovonni and she was looking up at me. "She knows my feelings for her are genuine and I don’t want to hurt her. I want nothing but the best for her and I want to give her the world. I feel like we can take this relationship further in the future. I feel like she may be the one." I said looking deep into her eyes. She looked down and smiled then returned her eyes back to mines.

"And how do we know that’s not all bullshit? How do we know it’s not just about the sex?" Her mother said back instantly. I tore my eyes away from Giovonni’s and back at Mrs. Stevenson. All eyes were on us and it was deadly silent. There was something in her eyes that told me she didn’t like me. I knew she was judging me the minute I walked into the room. She wasn’t going to take me serious and it was because of how I looked. I probably came off to her as a thug. I didn’t fit her "standards".

"Ma…" Giovonni slightly growled. Mrs. Stevenson looked at her with a unpleasant face and then directed it towards me.

"No it’s fine," I said rubbing her thigh underneath the table for her to calm down. "All I want is a chance to prove to you guys that I’m 100% here for your daughter." I said in a serious tone towards both parents. I knew I was trying too hard but a nigga was nervous. I never did this shit before. I never was introduced to anyone’s parents. Kae kept me away from her parents because she knew they were going to do the same thing Giovonni’s mother is doing now.

Mrs. Stevenson rolled her eyes and picked up her wine glass and took a big sip. “Well I’m glad that Giovonni introduced you to us. It seems like your guys are really serious and you mean a lot to her. Hope you stay around.” He concluded. I could tell that he was sincere and he was a man of his word. “I can see that look in her eyes when she looks at you.” He chuckled. Ty smiled at me and gave me thumbs up. I just chuckled.

"Ain’t it the same look Pops?!" Ty asked her dad rhetorically as he chuckled. Giovonni’s face flushed red and she tried to hold back a smile. My focus went straight to Mrs. Stevenson who rolled her eyes once Ty mentioned that.

"Yeah but it’s a little more than that. I see an extra sparkle." Mr. Stevenson said smirking at both of us. Giovonni wrapped her arm around my around and leaned her head on my shoulder. I leaned down a bit and placed a peck on her forehead.

"He’ll never amount to Travis." Mrs. Stevenson tried to mumble under her breathe but failed. The room became silent once again and I felt my blood start to boil but I kept content. Giovonni on the other hand did not.

"He’s everything and more compared to that dirty fucking bastard." Giovonni yelled jumping up out her chair. Mrs. Stevenson’s face went to shock. Ty stood up and tried to calm down Giovonni.

"Watch how you to talk to your mother, Giovonni." Mr. Stevenson said sternly. She just ignored him and continued to glare at her mother. Mrs. Stevenson put her wine glass to her lips and took a sip so carelessly.

"You don’t know Travis like I know him. You don’t know what type of person he is." Giovonni said, her voice shaking. "You think he’s this perfect fucking man when he’s far from that. He’s a fucking monster." Her mother continued to sip on her wine and look at her carelessly. "Sometimes you make me think you were the one who really wanted him to begin with." Giovonni spat at her mother.

"Maybe if you knew how to keep a man and didn’t fuck everything with legs you would have these problems. Don’t blame them on me." Her mother said. Everyone’s face dropped, even Giovonni’s. She was speechless and even I didn’t know what to say. This just told me that she didn’t know shit about Giovonni or her relationship with Travis. It made me question what type of mother she was.

"Enough!" Mr. Stevenson yelled as he banged him fist on the table. Ty looked in disbelief at his mother. Even he was shocked that she would say some shit like that. He shook his head at her in shame and then looked over at Giovonni who’s face was turning red.

"I’m going home." Giovonni said, trying to hide the trembles in her voice. "And lay off the wine bitch." She quickly turned away and left out the room.


I rushed down the hallway as I tried to hold back the tears in my eyes. Behind my eyelids were burning and my vision was starting to become blurry. I tried to hurry down the hall but I felt myself bump into someone on my way to Mikey’s room where I left my purse and my car keys. “Woahhh, woahhh. What’s wrong?” I heard Kristina’s voice say before I looked up at her. By that time tears were falling from my eyes.

"Just move Kristina." I said trying to go around her but she just pulled me back.

"Tell me what’s wrong G. Something’s up! How the dinner go?" She asked. I could see the concern in her face and voice but I honestly didn’t care. I just wanted to get the fuck out of this house and be in my own house.

"Just get the fuck out my way Kristina!!" I said pushing her out my way and heading to Mikey’s room. When I got there I slammed the door behind me and the tears poured out. I grabbed my bag and scurried around to look for my keys which I thought I left on his dresser but they weren’t there. "Where the fuck are my keys?" I screamed out in frustration. The longer I was here in this house with that fucking witch the more I became angry. It was taking so much out of me to not go back in the dinning room and kick her face in. I knew it was best if I left.

I spotted my keys on the floor next to the dresser. I grabbed them, wiped the tears off my face and headed back out of Mikey’s room. When I walked out the room I noticed Chris and Mikey coming my way. I rubbed under my nose and tried to make it seem like I wasn’t crying. Mikey walked up to me with Chris. “Don’t listen to that shit back there.” Mikey said to me. “I don’t know what the fuck that was but I’m gonna set shit straight.” He said seriously. I looked over at Chris who was trying to look calm but I knew him. I knew he was just as pissed as I was.

"Don’t waste ya time." I said to Mikey. "I’m leaving, I’ll be back when that bitch leaves." I said going around Chris and Mikey. I stormed out the house. That was some painful shit that I wouldn’t even have expected her to say but surprisingly I wasn’t shocked. I was more hurt than anything. Words couldn’t explain the pain I felt. I jumped in my car and speed off to my house. No longer will I have anything to do with her. I promised myself that I would not have anything to do with her ever again in my life.

She was already dead to me.

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